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Hottest Pizza Delivery Chick Ever

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If there are two things I love the most it is breasts and pizza. I am not sure which I like more. I can never have enough of pizza, and I can never have enough of breasts. So when my favorite two things come together at the same time it’s just fucking magical.

Bryci has huge breasts – We know this and this one of the main reasons we love her. But now that I know she works part time (lol) as a pizza delivery driver, well, I know who to order my pizza from right? Imagine if you ordered some pizza and freak Bryci showed up. Then imagine if she pulled out her titties. That would be the best delivery driver ever.

When I worked at Playboy we used to have a site called Big Sausage pizza. Chicks would order pizza and a hot stud would show up, and when they couldn’t pay up well…. They had to pull out their titties and take care of business.

I wonder if Bryci would do this if she didn’t have any money! As if Bryci would ever have problems with having enough cash for a pizza – lol.

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