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Hot Massage Table

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Years ago I discovered a friend of mine had a stripper pole in his house. In fact, he had a small room dedicated to the stripper pole. He told me it was for his wife, who used it to exercise. Sure sure. I’m sure she “practiced” on the pole to “work out”. Okay, maybe it is a good work out but come on…. We know what was really going on there.

And now we have these pictures of Bryci on a massage table. Sure sure. Now every time I see a massage table I’m like “yeah, okay, I know what’s going on here”. I’m guessing they have more sex on that massage table than they do massages.

Either way it’s hot.


The only down side with Bryci laying down on the massage table is the fact that you can’t see her huge boobs… And her huge boobs might just be the hottest thing about Bryci!

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