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Bryci’s Lesbian Massage

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Once again we have more proof that Bryci is a lesbian… Here she is with Katie Banks again, giving her a hot all body massage. Katie Banks is naked and with her tits sticking straight up she looks super hot. Bryci is leaning over her, showing off her cleavage, with her hands all over Katie. At this point I am not sure who is enjoying this hot lesbian massage more – Katie Banks, Bryci , or us!

I wonder how this massage started…. I can tell you that this is actually a video screen cap which only makes this scene hotter!

Of course once Bryci  gets fired up nothing can shut her down. She is all go and wants to spend the rest of her afternoon eating pussy like a champion pussy eater. I am guessing this not the first time Bryci  is eating some pussy. It looks like she really knows what to do and has had a lot of practice!

Who would’t want to watch Bryci and Katie Banks eat pussy all day long?

Just imagine… There is a video of this too!

Turns out Bryci and Katie Banks are much closer than just friends…. Once they start eating each other out they cross the line between being “close friends” and “lesbian loves”. Clearly these two are not only lovers, but in love with each other.

Hot lesbian love rocks!

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