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Bryci Pulling Down Her Panties

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Sex is always fun. But there is one moment during sex that is more fun than the others. You would think that is when you cum – that exact moment when your eyes roll into the back of your head and you drop your load in whatever chick you are banging. But not for me. The moment that turns me the most is that one moment when a woman sheds off that last article of clothing… It’s always the panties too. Once those panties slide down below the knees is what I call the moment of truth. The moment those panties slide down below her knee you damn well know she is not about to pull them back up. (That is, unless you do something utterly stupid.)

Watching Bryci taking off her panties…. That is almost enough to get me off right there. I’ve banged a lot of hot chicks before in my lifetime, but rarely do I get the chance to bangy bangy with someone as hot as Bryci…. She would be in the top five for sure.

Looks like Bryci had some kind of a party dress on… but now it’s laying in a bundle on the floor. If Bryci can leave her high heels that would be just great, because, you know. Who wouldn’t want to fuck a chick like Bryci while she was still wearing her high heels? Super hot.

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