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Bryci Looks Great When Showering

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Sometimes it’s funny how the most simple things women do every day is so boring for them yet so damn sexy to us. Women take a shower every day and think nothing of it, but when you take the time to check them out and see what they are doing it’s super freaking hot. Every chance I get I stop and take time to watch my girlfriend shower. Because I am a huge pervert, I have one of those all glass showers where I can see everything. It’s super hot watching women shower. Much hotter than watching women take a bath. Unless you are in the bath with them.

Bryci likes to take showers. I am guessing that Bryci likes to take showers two or three times a day. She’s the kind of girl that just likes to be clean. You never know really when it comes down to sex and when it will happen so it’s good to be clean. You don’t want to suddenly be having sex only to discover someone has dirty undies on.

Bryci of course has huge boobs, so it’s super sexy knowing that she washes her breasts with her bare hands rubbing her huge knockers down. Super sexy!

Then again, pretty much anything Bryci does is sexy.

I have no idea what Bryci is wearing here… but I imagine it’s super hot. Anything she does to show off her huge boobs is super sexy and hot. I wonder if Bryci is wearing high heels in the shower too. I love it when chicks wear high heels all of the time. If Bryci was my girlfriend I would buy her as many high heels as she could ever ask for, but in return I would expect her to wear high heels ALL of the time – including when she was in the shower. This sounds super hot!

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