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Bryci Is Beautiful

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No matter how you slice it or dice it, Bryci is just beautiful. Oh, it might have been the huge boobs that pulled me in but Bryci is so much more than just a great set of beautiful knockers…. Oh yes Bryci is so much more!

She is so beautiful, and exactly what you hope she is in person. She is super nice, and not stuck up at all. At the same time Bryci is kind of playful and comes off as the type of chick that you could talk into anything so long as there is something in it for her… As long as Bryci gets off she’s fully on board with it! This is how she gets talked into threesomes so much….

And now Bryci is having full on threesomes in her site, all caught on video… It was hot enough when Bryci was willing to get down on her knees and take a cock in her mouth on video in her member’s area but now she is having threesomes where Bryci and one of her best girlfriends is getting down on her knees and sucking cock… And this isn’t a one time deal either. Seems Bryci tried it once and then twice, and then she decided she liked threesomes!

Imagine that…. She is beautiful AND likes having threesomes. What more can a man ask for?

The fact that Bryci has great boobs is just a bonus… A huge bonus!

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