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Bryci Is A Hot Sexy Lesbian

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I’ve always fully believed that all women are lesbians. In fact, I’ve tested this theory many times. There is no way in the world you could get me to rub my tongue on the tongue of another man, or to make out with another guy – NEVER gonna happen. But we’ve all seen our girlfriends rubbing up against other chicks, sharing drinks, kisses, sucking face…. At the end of the day men are hairy, smelly, and just not not desirable where as women are just the opposite. Women are everything we are not.  Women aren’t really attracted to us, but instead they use us for our cocks because it turns them on (and because their DNA tells them they need us to have children). But deep down inside they are attracted to other woman a lot more than they are attracted to us men.

Case in point here is Bryci. It was super easy for her boyfriend to trick her out and get her into the lesbian sex. In fact, it looks like they are having a threesome right now (although Rochard’s Bunny Ranch has a “NO COCK” policy!). A little make out session, a little bit of lesbian pussy licking to get them all warmed up, and then Bryci and her freaking hot blonde lesbian girlfriend can get down to business and worshipping the cock!

It seems like Bryci and her girlfriend know exactly what they are doing. They’ve done this before!

If you haven’t had your cock sucked off by two chicks at once you really need to do it. You need to move heaven and earth to make it happen. The only downside is once you have two chicks sucking on your cock and gagging on it you’ll only want to do that over and over again… Looks like you will need a bi-sexual girlfriend like Bryci here to bring her girlfriend over for some threesome action!

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