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Bryci In Thigh High Leather Boots

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Do you remember that old 1980s song “I know what boys like”? Well, that’s obvious. Boys – cough cough men – like one thing more than anything else. You might think it’s boobs, but it’s sex. A friend of mine came to me a few days ago and asked me why she couldn’t keep a man. I told her men want one thing and one thing only – blowjobs. My lord, give the man a blow job once or perhaps even twice a day and he will never ever leave you.

Seems Bryci is now giving blow jobs on her site. But first, let’s talk about what it’s like to have a big breasted chick like Bryci wearing thigh high boots!

I’ve been a fan of Bryci since the first time I saw pictures of her. I’ve met her in person and she is super sweet. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen her looking any hotter. Chicks in thigh high boots always does it for me. Much hotter than chicks in high heels. High heels you can see at the mall. Thigh high boots is something you usually only see in the bedroom.

Imagine Bryci in your bedroom. Yum.

Thigh high boots and huge boobs – What more do you need to spend an afternoon? That and a video camera and I might never want to leave the house again.

And yes, I wasn’t kidding about Bryci sucking cock on her site. The videos are up in her members area.

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