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Bryci In Sunglasses

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Somehow I nearly forgot Bryci this month! Not sure how I could have done that! I’ve surely never done that before!

I am the kind of person that likes being teased…. And in this case Bryci is teasing the living day lights out of us…

But Bryci  isn’t teasing all of us all of the time now is she?

In case you haven’t heard, Bryci  is pretty much gone hardcore now. It’s hot. Bryci  is online in her member’s area sucking cock, having threesomes, and doing all kind of naughty stuff on video. You know the saying – “It was only a matter of time”. But she’s different. Most chicks who work in the adult industry work for someone. I won’t say they work for pimps, but instead they work for webmasters – people who run the websites, take the photos, etc etc etc. (In some cases, it’s women – Like in the case of Michelle Jean who runs This Year’s Model.) But not Bryci . She works for herself. She has someone doing the web design for her, but for the most part she is her own woman. She calls the shot.

I guess that makes her a shot caller. As if she wasn’t already hot enough on her own!

So now you have a lot more reasons to like Bryci !!!

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