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Bryci In A Tight Dress

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Other than breasts, one of the things I like the most about women is what they are wearing. I’ve been working in porn way too long – twenty years now – and I’ve seen way too many women naked. Sometimes I like to be teased a little. I light high heels, tight dresses, yoga pants, and sports bras. Today Bryci is wearing one of my favorites – a tight dress. However, when you have a big breasted girl like Bryci and she is wearing any kind of tight top, well, it’s boob city with her. And in this case those huge boobs are sticking out!

Also looks like Bryci has pulled up her dress a little bit too. Sweet. I like it like this.

Clearly Bryci knows exactly what she is doing. You can tell she is the type of woman that can control a man just by looking at them. When a chick like Bryci walks in the room, all eyes are on her. And you would do anything she wanted you to do. I have a friend that reminds me of Bryci, and she too can in fact get men to do anything she wants. One time a man she was “sort of” dating asked her what she wanted the most and she said a new car and son of a bitch, this guy bought her a new car. Bryci could get men to buy her cars if she wanted to.

She is just that hot!

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