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Bryci In A Sexy Skirt Is Hot

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You all know I like big boobs, and also bikinis, but deep down inside I also like short skirts. Yum. You see a woman in a short skirt and you have to wonder what she is wearing under that skirt. It’s all about the easy access. In a short skirt you know you can just slide your hand up her skirt and suddenly you are touching her panties – just like that. Super easy like. However, if she isn’t wearing any panties… You are now touching her magic spot!

This picture of Bryci is utterly perfect. I love the tits, but honestly I come from the soft core side of the adult industry so I love being teased a little. I love how she has her big boobs peeping out, lots of cleavage…

The big question here is if Bryci is wearing panties or not. Now, I don’t want to imply Bryci is a slut but we know she likes the cock (and I say that in a good way). I bet you Bryci is the type of chick who does’t like to wear panties. Again, nothing really slutty about that, but she’s sexy and we know she is DTF. However, this is a photoshoot and it’s challenging to take fifty or sixty photos (or more) of the same photos – same girl, different poses, slowly taking off her clothes and revealing a little bit more each time… It’s more difficult to do than you think. This is why I think Bryci is wearing panties – every article of clothing is good for another ten or twenty photos.

Trust me when I tell you Bryci is not a tease… Have you seen some of the videos on her site?

I don’t get into her site often, but she’s doing all kinds of nasty stuff…. She is not afraid to ride on cock for sure! And she loves getting down on her hands and knees and sucking down some cock like a champ!

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