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Bryci Has Magical Breasts

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I am not really sure what it is about breasts that turn us men on. For me it’s the first thing I see on a woman. They sort of stick out, and of course the women that have large breasts work extra hard to make sure they stick out. It’s almost like trophy of sorts. Then of course we like to play with the breasts. Not sure why that is. Maybe it’s because we don’t have breasts and we like playing with something that we do not have. Of course, we like our women to parade their breasts around and show them off so all of the other men can see what we can to play with in the sack. Women like to talk about dick size while men like to talk about breast size.

When they say “Size doesn’t matter” that might be true with cocks, but this is surely not true when it comes to breast size. At the end of the day, bigger is in fact better. All men love big boobs!

This is where our Bryci comes in. She has magical breasts! Huge, giant, magical breasts!

The best part about Bryci however might not be her breasts. Bryci has moved into the next phase of her solo girl site where she is willing if not eager to get down on her knees and suck off some cock, and then also some hot lesbian action too. I call this “phase two” – it seems all solo girls go through this. They do the non nude and Playboy type photos, and make some decent coin and then they are hooked. They get used to the money and they want more, lots more. Once sales dip they have to go up to the next level (Phase two!) and start sucking cock.

Phase three is when they start fucking on camera. (Phase four is when they start doing the extreme hardcore stuff!)

But for right now we can just enjoy Bryci and her huge boobs, knowing that she has videos on her site of her sucking cock!

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