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Bryci Has Huge Beautiful Breasts

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Bryci is so damn sexy… There will never be another woman like Bryci.

All men are breast men. It’s the first thing you see when you see a chick. They sort of stick out. At the end of the day there is only two things that make men different from women, and it’s their breasts and their pussy. Being as we only really see their pussy when they are naked, it’s the breasts we see first. They ALWAYS stick out. At least the good looking chicks with the big boobs. The bigger the boobs the better they look; This is why women stuff their bras and wear push up bras. Yum. And it seems these days there are all kinds of sexy bras for women to wear. When I was a kid all they had was white, black, and on a good day grey. Now… Bras are no longer for propping up boobies but instead just for fun!

Watching Bryci ride on top of some cock with her huge boobs must be a lot of fun! Bra or no bra!

Today Bryci is wearing a bikini and nothing else and it looks so damn sexy! Bryci has all of the right stuff in all of the right places – just as a woman should!

The hottest part of all of this is her bikini bottom… One little pull of that strap and it will come right off!

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