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Bryci And Her Perfect Boobs

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You know the drill – when it comes to breasts some women stick out more than others (pun intended). I have no idea what it is that attracts both men and women to breasts, but there they are, sticking out like this, and both men and women alike are amused and want to touch them, play with them. Americans are all about the “bigger is better” thing, and when it comes to breasts well, bigger is in fact better. All around.

Maybe this explains why Bryci is so damn popular – one of the biggest draws here on the Rochard’s Bunny Ranch blog here. (I can see exactly what all of you are clicking on, and it’s pretty clear that you all like breasts!) Not only does Bryci have perfect breasts, but she’s got a beautiful smile too!

bryci perfect boobs

And now that I hear Bryci is doing photo shoots with other hot models and is pretty much a lesbian, well, that only makes me want her more!

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