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Bryci And Her Huge Boobs

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Sigh. Bryci. She is every mans’s dream.

I’ve met Bryci in person, in Vegas once. Yeah, I still go to all of the porno shows. Not AVN – that’s for fans. I go to the real show before AVN. I didn’t know it was her at first. She was just a big breasted woman walking around by herself, going from booth to booth. The tits alone should have given it away – It’s not often you see a chick with breasts like this.

I’ve said this time and time again – if Bryci was my woman I wouldn’t let her leave the house. I would be afraid that someone would try to snatch her away from me.

I think chicks like Bryci are spoiled. You know they will never ever have to work a day in their life. All they need to do is smile and show off a modest amount of cleavage and you know you will do anything she wants.

Now imagine Bryci riding on top of you. (I’m sure I’ve said that before too!) What I like about chicks with huge boobs riding on top of me is watching their huge boobs bouncing around. It’s a beautiful sight for sure – and oh so much fun!

I’m not sure if Bryci reads anything I write, but if she does she needs to know I am seriously in love with her!

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