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Bryci And Her Giant Boobs

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From small boobs to huge boobs…. Bryci – the best of them all when it comes to boobs.

I’ve never given much thought to which chick has the biggest boobs, but Bryci must be in the top three. Ewa might be bigger. Not sure. Doesn’t matter much – so long as we get to watch them. And maybe even play with them.

I’ve seen Bryci on video sucking some cock with one of her girlfriends… It seems to me like she likes to play with her boobs a lot. She had on some lingerie and her boobs were nearly falling 0ut – It must be difficult when you have such huge boobs. Anyhow, it seems to me like she kept touching her boobs. She couldn’t get enough of her own boobs…. And it was so damn hot!

Secretly I think I am love with Bryci… She’s just so damn nice and cute in person!

Sigh. If only I could get Bryci to ride on top of me…

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