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Huge Tits And Oil

Now this is the perfect combination… Huge tits and some baby oil! This is gonna be fun!

Look at how big those titties are!

bryci oil on titties 3

Then once she has those huge boobs oiled up she needs to play with them and fondle them a little bit…. God bless chicks like Bryci who does this for us online if only for our entertainment….

Although I guess Bryci gets off on this too!

bryci oil on titties 2

And when Bryci and her huge boobs are all oiled up…. My lord that’s smoking hot!

bryci oil on titties 1

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You can tell who my favorite models are just by the amount of posts I make of them each month…. I mean, I post up the newest chicks a lot, but…. You can tell how much I like Bryci just by the amount of times I post about her every month. I must post about Bryci and her huge boobs more often than any other model here.

Those are some perfectly round breasts.

bryci perfectly round breasts

That’s smoking hot!

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Bryci In Bed

I dream about Bryci all of the time. She’s just so freaking hot it’s hard not to. I wish I was married to her, so I could bone her nightly but never slightly. I wish I could wake up in bed next to her in the morning. I am guessing this is what it looks like to wake up next to Bryci in the morning….

kinky sexy bryci naked in bed 2

It sucks to be me and to “want”. I hope you have better luck in your love life. I hope you was porking some hot chick with huge boobs like Bryci. Sigh. I guess she must be fucking someone.

Check this picture out… What a tease Bryci can be at times…

kinky sexy bryci naked in bed 1

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Better Than Barbie

Come already, Bryci is just perfect all the way around…. Very nice! Perfect boobs, perfect body…. And a little bit of snatch to keep us interested!

bryci jumbo sized boobs

Sometimes I wonder if Bryci is modeled from a Barbie doll…. She’s just that perfect!

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Huge Jumbo Boobs

With boobs like Bryci has…. She can be my Valentine any day of the week!

bryci boobies out

Bryci is just so freaking hot!

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I don’t have any plans to get married any time soon, but if I did it’s really no surprise that Bryci would be the very top of that list. You all know how I like huge boobs. And it’s hard to find a chick who has bigger boobs than Bryci who doesn’t look nasty. Bryci is just perfect.

And if this is what Bryci looks like on her wedding night celebrating her honeymoon that’s just perfect…

bryci big boobs wedding day 1

And from behind Bryci looks just as hot!

bryci big boobs wedding day 2

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Long legs, huge boobs…. What more can ask for from a woman? And you know that Bryci likes sex as much as we do…. She’s a wild child!

She just wants to hit it and hit it over and over…. I know Bryci can take as much fucking as I can dish out…

bryci showing off huge-boobs

Bryci is the perfect wife!

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It just doesn’t get much hotter than this now does it? Bryci with her huge majestic breasts out on display, no panties, high heels, and super hot white stockings on those very long legs!

bryci sexi white stockings

Isn’t this exactly how you want to spend a cold winter day? Right?

Just imagine how lucky you would be to have Bryci wrap her sexy long legs around you with those stockings on?

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I am not much into romantic walks. I like fucking, not holding hands for a walk. I get my exercise from fucking. It’s worked so good so far.

Looks like Bryci thinks the same way. She doesn’t really want to go for a walk. She was using the walk as an excuse to get you outside of the house so she can fuck your brains out…. Outside!

bryci sexy nature walk 2

She’s quick to pull out her boobies and get down on her knees to give you a blow job… That’s our kid of girl!

And once your cock is nice and hard, Bryci will get down on her hands and knees and bend over so you can fuck her silly!

bryci sexy nature walk 1

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Now this is exactly how we need to start the new year!

all about boobs

Everyone loves huge boobies. If only everyone in the world could spend some time looking Bryci topless, there would be so much less hatred in the world!

Happy New Year everyone!

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