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Sexy Blonde Tease Brooke Marks

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I don’t think Brooke Marks ever looked so sweet…. She’s always been one of my favorite solo girls.

I remember a day when you used to have to talk a chick into wearing a thong…. Now it’s the defacto standard. It’s kind of funny – It’s odd when yous see a chick who isn’t wearing a thong. It makes chicks in those tight nearly see through pants super sexy. And it also makes chicks in tight short dresses super sexy too!

Why is it that Brooke Marks always has a smile on her face? So cute…

It seems Brooke Marks is only wearing that little blue thong and she’s laying down on her belly on a fur carpet…. I bet you she wants a man – a real man – to come and make love to her right there and then! She needs a real man!

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