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Remember Brooke Marks

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Every so often I do a throw back picture… You know, an old solo girl that we all used to fap off to and now they are gone. (Their site is still up – if you haven’t seen them naked before it’s like it’s brand new to you!) So today I was going to put up a picture of none other than Brooke Marks. Remember her? Sigh. Blonde hair, short, tight little body, perky boobs…. Always looked like she was having fun during her photo shoots. Oh, and the videos she used to make. Brooke Marks was just so much fun!

I was sad when she stopped shooting content. Every so often I would dig up an old picture of her just for fun. So just now I went to look for an old picture of her, and I had to research to see if her site was still up. Much to my surprise… It seems she has been shooting new content. Today was a happy day for me. This just made my week. Although, in all honestly, I am rather easy to please.

So here is a little teaser picture of Brooke Marks, ass up, face down.

If you want to see more you will have to visit her at Brooke Marks…..

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