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Brooke Marks Plays With Lingerie

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I’ve always had a thing for Brooke Marks. Yum. I am so damn happy that she is shooting content again. This is great news for us.

I love so many things in life – bikinis, women with big breasts, lesbians…. And of course women in lingerie too. Today Brooke Marks is wearing some super sexy white lingerie. The panties are hot – panties are always hot – but what makes this a little bit more hotter is white bra. I love the way her breasts are pushed together here. Brooke Marks doesn’t have the biggest breasts but in this white lace bra they look super hot! They look much larger than they really are.

Of course Brooke Marks is smiling too. She’s always smiling. It’s not because Brooke Marks is a model and feels like she has to smile, but it’s because she is just a happy person. She is always upbeat and happy.

I couldn’t imagine seeing Brooke Marks on top of me with her little breasts bouncing around. I bet you Brooke Marks would be smiling too. You know she smiles during sex!

Brooke Marks would still be at the top of my list of chicks I want to bang!

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