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Brooke Marks Picking Out Lingerie

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I always wonder what women go through when they pick out what to wear. For me, and for most men, this is a five second decision. I usually just grab whatever is closest to the closet door. For women it is much more complicated. They have to match their fucking panties to their high heels and stuff like that. While this sounds complicated the end result can be nothing short of fucking awesome.

However, watching Brooke Marks picking out something to wear is super hot in itself. Don’t you wish your girlfriend was wearing something like this?

That’s not even the hot part yet. Just imagine this – Brooke Marks is going to be wearing this with matching high heels!

This is why Brooke Marks is up on the very top of our list. No matter what Brooke Marks wears she’s super hot, but outfits like this with matching high heels it just way out of our league! This is why I give all of my money to chicks like this….

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