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Bree Olson Arrested

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Looks like Bree Olson is being arrested… Which comes as no surprise to me at all. While lots of models and porn chicks like to have an image of being a bad girl, so very few of them really are…. But Bree Olson is really different. She is a bad girl. If she wasn’t a pornstar I think she would be in jail… Having lesbian sex no doubt!

But right now Bree Olson is in handcuffs… I can only imagine what she did!

bree olson arrested1

But then again, I’m guessing it’s not the first time she’s been in handcuffs… And also not the first time she’s been arrested either!

bree olson arrested2 bree olson arrested3

It’s so hot seeing Bree Olson in handcuffs in the back of squad car!

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