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Shay Laren Hot Bikini

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The bikini never gets old, does it? Not even in the middle of fucking December huh? Fuck you all. You might be all cold and shit, worried if it’s going to snow for Christmas and what not. Me, I now live full time on the beach. Fuck you all. Now, back to business….

And the business at hand is none other than big breasted Shay Laren. Fucking amazing. You can’t say “breasts” without saying “Shay Laren” in the same sentence. It’s like the phrase “two peas in a pod”. And it’s safe to say that Shay Laren has more than two peas! Two very large peas!

shay laren sexy-bikini1

Of coursing, knowing that loves posing for the camera… Any chance she get can get…. And Shay Laren in her bikini on the beach makes for a perfect photo shoot!

shay laren sexy-bikini2 shay laren sexy-bikini3 shay laren sexy-bikini5 shay laren sexy-bikini6

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