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Sexy Dannie Summers In A Bikini

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Summer might be coming to a close but it seems like things are just warming up… The hotter things get the less clothes it seems they wear.

This is Dannie Summers. She’s one of the many babes on This Year’s Model.  They have a lot of hot chicks on This Year’s Model and they all seem hotter than the model before. My lord I do love chicks in bikinis!

While Dannie Summers might be somewhat lacking in the breast department, she makes up for it by having a great body and beautiful face… I’ve never been too fond of chicks with brown eyes, but my lord, this woman is a total hottie…

Is it me or does she look like Phoebe Cates? Don’t know who Phoebe Cates is? Nor did I until just the other day – From Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Yeah, I never saw it either until just the night. And just like Phoebe Cates, it seems Dannie Summers is wearing a bikini too. Now we just need Dannie Summers to come up out of the pool like Phoebe Cates does in Fast Times At Ridgemont High….

And just like all of the other girls, Dannie Summers likes one thing and one thing only… Sex. Of course when it comes to sex Dannie Summers likes it doggie style – who doesn’t? All of the chicks do. Just a few tugs on the string of that bikini and Dannie Summers is naked and ready to be fucked from behind.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t make Dannie Summers a slut. All chicks like it like this.

Dannie Summers looks great in this position…. With her on her knees like this it shows off her little cleavage just perfectly…

This might be the first time we’ve seen Dannie Summers on our blog here, but I am guessing we’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the near future!

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