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ALS Scan

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Many many years ago the Internet was a vastly different place. We had websites, but HTML was in it’s infancy state and websites were dominated by hard core geeks who like silly animated GIFs for reasons we still don’t understand. I am going way back here, circa 1995… We didn’t have Facebook or even Google; We used something called…. Newsgroups. This is impossible to explain to someone who has never used it or seen it, but you used a little program called a “newsreader” to access what was similar to a giant message board that nearly everyone used. Everything was broken down into groups – everything you wanted to talk about from knitting to pet dogs to porn.

It was lame and it was horrible and it was great because nearly everyone used it back then. There was nothing else – no message boards.

Today I got hit up by an old school porn company – ALS Scan – and they reminded me of newsgroups and the “good old days”.

als scan bikini babe

It’s nice to see their content hasn’t changed much, only improved. They hooked me up with a pass to their members area and I got some killer content…. But my god, go sign up – they got some great stuff!

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