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Super Sex Basil Meadows

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I don’t know the first thing about Basil Meadows, but she is exactly what I like: Young, blonde, tight, and super perky.

The reality of this is Basil Meadows is the girl next door. Everyone has a chick just like Basil Meadows living a few doors down from them. I remember years ago when I lived in an apartment complex I had a girl who lived above me who was smoking hot – She was all of eighteen years old, had huge tits, and loved wearing a bikini. If you have a chick like Basil Meadows living next next to you, you need to take advantage of it. In my case, the chick who lived above me ended up being the model for my first solo girl site. And yes, I hit it. Hard.

If you have a neighbor like Basil Meadows, what would you do?


Look at Basil Meadows – she is so cute. She is wearing a sexy little pair of shorts (that must come off quickly!) and a bra just like my girlfriend has. Yes, Basil Meadows is so cute!

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