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Bashful Brittany

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You just got to love it when a hot teen chick gets all dressed up only to do her best to take most of it off while teasing us!

Bashful Brittany has got it going on. Let’s face it, a hot teen is a hot teen. And some teens are hotter than other teens. But Bashful Brittany has something special about her, magical about her; She’s beautiful. Her makeup is always flawless. And her body… Perfection.

Look at the way her breasts fit all snug in her bra, perfectly round, just enough cleavage to make it sexy!

bashful britney sexy teen cleavage

Looks like Bashful Brittany got all dressed up for a job interview, but came home horny tearing off her clothes, ready for whatever fun and games we can come up with!

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Bashful Brittany

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