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Sexy Aubrey Paige Bikini Selfie

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There was a time when it was nearly impossible to get a picture of a chick you had a crush on. Pictures were few and far in-between those days. Usually our parents took such pictures, and even then they weren’t exactly given out to boyfriends who were here today and forgotten next week. Photos of chicks in a bikini were even harder to come by.

Not today… Today all chicks have a camera, and if not they have a cell phone that can take pictures. And chicks just love taking pictures. The sexier the photos the better. The best part must be that they like to share them with everyone. Not only you, but also everyone else on her Facebook or Instagram.

It looks like Aubrey Paige is having fun taking pictures of herself…. And she looks very sexy doing it!

I am still just waiting to see Aubrey Paige naked, or at least topless. You know how the solo girl market goes. First they start out teasing us, and then when the sign ups slow down they go topless. Then it happens all over gain, but now they are getting naked. Then a short time later they are finger banging themselves trying to keep our attention and keep their customers happy. Next up comes the lesbian photo shoots and all men really love the lesbian shots! That’s always fun!

It’s only a matter of time before Aubrey Paige is doing all of the dirty stuff!

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