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Aubrey’s Tight Dress

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At the end of the day it’s always about the same things – big boobs and their willingness to give blow jobs.

Earlier this month I showed you how big breasted Aubrey Paige  loves giving blow jobs (in the shower none the less) and now we have her here in this tight dress, teasing us, showing off her huge boobs. That’s a dangerous combination right there. A woman with huge breasts who is so willing to get down on her knees to give you a blow job is the kind of woman that can get you to do anything from making a spare key of your place to signing over your house to her. A woman eager to give head can have any man she chooses.

And with the boobs Aubrey Paige has, well, she can get away with anything.


It might be about boobs and blow jobs, but having a great little ass and the willingness to show it off is a huge help too.

This is Aubrey Paige bent over in this tight and dangerously short skirt… In fact, the dress Aubrey Paige is wearing is so short we can see her snatch. You just got to love a chick who doesn’t wear panties!


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