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Aspen Parker Naked In Fountain

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LOL – Who wouldn’t want to see Aspen Parker in a fountain? Naked? LOL. I sure would.

Sometimes you look at these photo shoots and you are like “What the fuck were they thinking?”. I know after a while of doing photo shoots you get tired of coming up with new ideas to shoot. You can only come up with so many ideas and after a while you just run out of them. It’s at this point that you say “fuck it” and you just do something silly. Like dancing naked in a fountain.

What I want to know is where were they shooting where they have a fountain in the front fucking yard? Or maybe it’s a side yard. Who knows, doesn’t matter. All that matters is Aspen Parker is naked. Even in a fountain.

So damn hot.

You have to ask yourself what they are thinking when they do this? I wonder if this turns them on or if this is something they know they will only do when they are young. I bet Aspen Parker is young – not even legal drinking age. Then again, that’s when you want them the most – just under legal drinking age, first or second year in college. That’s when they don’t know better and are still willing to do all of the dirty stuff.

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