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Aspen Parker In A Tight Short Skirt

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Yum. I need to get me some Aspen Parker.

I like man things when it comes to chicks. I like lesbians, high heels, big boobs, stockings, thigh high boots…. And of course the bikini. But one of the things I like the most is short skirts. Tight short skirts. Who in the world doesn’t like tight short skirts? Right?

First, everyone likes everything tight. You want to see what you are getting. Too many times in life I’ve unwrapped a present (or undressed a girl) and found what was on the inside wasn’t what it looked like. (One chick was a fatty but she was wearing this corset that sucked in all of the fat!) So the tighter the clothes, the better the chance you have of getting exactly what you want. Second, you want to see as much as you can. A bikini would show off more, but most chicks don’t spend their free time looking for a man while walking around downtown in a little bikini and if they do people would think she was selling herself. Of course a woman could wear a pair of Daisy Dukes, but sometimes that can  be just as obscene as wearing a bikini in pubic.

This is why Aspen Parker is wearing a short little mini skirt! She wears it well!

The tight little tank top is hot too!

Of course another great feature of the tight short skirt is the fact that there is a lot of easy access. Aspen Parker can just hike that skirt up at any time and give you full access to all of the goodies!


I do love Aspen Parker. As much as I like big boobs, I like the smaller boobs just as much. I surely wouldn’t hold the small boobs against her, and in fact, I would love to hold those small boobs against me – and motorboat them!

Aspen Parker is so damn cute.

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