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Bikini Fashion Show

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Looks like Ashley Fires is on vacation again, in the big city. Got to love it when Ashley Fires goes on vacation. She’s the type of girl that always brings her bikini with her when she goes on vacation… Not sure why she’s wearing it around in her hotel room, but I’m not complaining. Any time Ashley Fires wants to put on a fashion show in her sexy bikini I’m all game for it!

I wonder if anyone on the street can see Ashley Fires in her sexy little bikini shaking her tight little ass?

ashley fires sexy bikini vegas-hotel room20

See, now, if this was me… And Ashley Fires was putting on a show for me… She wouldn’t be wearing that bikini for long!

ashley fires sexy bikini vegas-hotel room21

I love hot chicks in bikinis as much as the next guy, but I’d be much more interested in fucking Ashley Fires than I would be watching her dance around my hotel room in her bikini!

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