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Remember Ashley Doll?

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It’s been such a long long time since we’ve posted about Ashley Doll. I never met her, but I miss her. I wonder if she is still putting out new content. I am not sure – I can’t tell. I see some photos on her site that I’ve never seen before, but I see a lot of the older stuff too. No matter, I can still fap fap fap to this.

Ashley Doll is one of those small framed girls. There just isn’t much to her. She’s tiny all around – short and all. Tiny is really code for “small boobs” and also “tight ass”. Ashley Doll has both small boobs and a tight ass. This only makes her much hotter. Usually chicks with brown eyes don’t do it for me, but in this case I could easily fall for Ashley Doll and her big brown eyes. She is so tight and tiny and short that she might just be a spinner, which is great – put her on your lap and have lots of fun with her!

Ashley Doll looks like she’s game for anyone!

She is down on her knees with her legs spread; Ashley Doll has on a shirt but her titties are out. She is so perky she doesn’t need a bra which, of course, is super hot!

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