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Hot Boxing Babe

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I’d box Ariel Rebel. Make no mistake about it.

Years ago when I was in the Marines, one of my jobs – don’t laugh – was to run a gym for other Marines to train in. It was a small gym, had a basketball court, a room for weights, and – check this out – a full boxing ring. Silly Marine Corps giving me the keys to one of their buildings. After hours I would lock it up, and I had a young perky tiny little girlfriend – not much different than Ariel Rebel really – and she would join me and we’d box until we got too horny, and then we would wrestle, and then we’d… Fuck like rabbits.

Looks like Ariel Rebel is into the sexy boxing thing too!

ariel rebel naked boxing

Just make sure you don’t hit Ariel Rebel in the boobies….. Or other wise bruise her. It’s all just fun and games!

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