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Ariel Rebel Topless

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One of the things I love about me being me is that I have super hot chicks calling me up asking to be on my blog, and then having them send me photos. It’s not so much them trying to get themselves in front of surfers, but it seems my blog also has a following of fellow adult webmasters. Someone told me the other day that my blog here sets the example that most other adult blogs follow. I do see people mentioning in my blog here on the bigger adult message boards; Thanks for your support.

Ariel Rebel called me up the other day and asked what it would take to get on my blog again. I cannot deny her; Ariel Rebel has this super cute French accent when she tries to speak English. I told her to send me some content. Damn.

ariel rebel black panties6

Ariel Rebel has been around for a long time. I’m not sure how old she is, but she’s not eighteen – although she could clearly pass for an eighteen year old. Beautiful perky teen breasts!

ariel rebel black panties7

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