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Ariel Rebel Sexy Bikini Fun

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I know just the other day I mentioned that a hick with small boobs is no fun in a bikini. After seeing Ariel Rebel again in a bikini I believe I might be wrong. After seeing Ariel Rebel in a bikini again I am reminded of how damn sexy she is and her small boobs fill out a bikini very nicely….

Ever notice Ariel Rebel always has a smile on her face? I’ve met her personally a number of times and I know she is super horny. This is why she always has a smile on her face.

Look at how tight her little body works. Trust me when I tell you she is older than you think. She’s held up well and clearly takes the time to work out. Her belly is so flat. I can see myself drinking shots off of her belly.

Yes, she looks beautiful in a bikini!

Now I wish we could just get her out of her bikini!

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