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Ariel Rebel Plays Video Games

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One of my favorite nights in the adult industry was a night in spent in Montreal with none other than Ariel Rebel…. Best night ever.

The adult industry has trade shows – conventions. You might have heard about AVN, but that is a trade show for people who watch porn. The trade shows for people who make porn are much larger and a lot more fun. At AVN you might see a porn star and perhaps even wait in line to get an autograph, but at the pornographers convention we all hang out together. Because we are friends.

Anyhow one night in Montreal at such a convention we were hanging out with Ariel Rebel and she says “I want to go to an arcade”. Well, what Ariel Rebel wants she gets. I hadn’t been to an arcade in some time now…. But it was fun going to a real life arcade. I didn’t even know they existed. (Hell, I used to hang out in arcades when Ariel Rebel wasn’t even born yet!)

Here she is in front of her favorite video game…

Speaking of AVN… One time I went to AVN and saw my favorite porn star signing autographs…. So I walked up to her to say hello. Well, it seems the security guard didn’t like that and he man handled me. He was huge and physically picked me up thinking I was going to assault her or something. She quickly explained that I was a friend, she gave me a quick hug, and then I was on my way. Later that night we got fucked up together.

Some day I need to get fucked up with Ariel Rebel….

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