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Ariel Rebel On Her Knees

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No matter what women tell you they love sucking cock. They just love blow jobs. Even chicks from India. (It’s true!) Women love the power the have over men when they are sucking dick. It’s one thing knowing that they could bite the cock, but it’s another thing knowing how much men love having their cocks sucked off. It gives them power and thus power over men. Chicks like Ariel Rebel control us by giving us blow jobs. A woman who gives out blow jobs often can have any man she wants, and can get a man to do whatever they want. You give me a blow job every day for a month and I’ll buy you a car. (Only if you are a chick though.)

Ariel Rebel likes blow jobs. I know Ariel Rebel. Not too well; Much to my dismay I’ve never seen her naked in person. Not yet anyhow. But know that Ariel Rebel is wild and kinky. I won’t say Ariel Rebel likes it all, but she is the kind of chick that will try anything at least once and twice if she thinks she might like it. I am pretty sure Ariel Rebel is perfectly comfortable with giving blow jobs as often as she can. Let’s face it, Ariel Rebel is a Internet model – a solo girl. (She is really much more than just a pretty face – she can design entire websites in Photoshop. Smart chick, which only makes her hotter!) But I know Ariel Rebel is wild and crazy and always horny. I can see her giving her man a blow job in the car just because she likes blow jobs.

Then again, we have a photo of Ariel Rebel naked and on her knees. You know why Ariel Rebel is naked and on her knees. Chicks like Ariel Rebel doesn’t get on her hands and knees naked to knit. You know exactly what she plans on doing!


And this right here is exactly why we love chicks like Ariel Rebel!

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