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Ariel Rebel Nearly Naked Outside

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So this is how we start the new year…. With a little bit of Ariel Rebel.

One of the things I love about Ariel Rebel – I mean other than the fact that she is super hot, super tight, still looks like she’s not a day day over legal drinking age – is the fact that she is always adventurous. I don’t know Ariel Rebel too well; I’ve only met her a handful of times. But it seems to me like she is really up to the challenge. She seems up to anything. She’s Canadian, but she seems to travel all around the world. God only knows where this picture was taken. It might be Canada – Hell, it might even be California.

Of course my favorite pictures of Ariel Rebel are when she is in a bikini and on a beach. Or maybe when Ariel Rebel is getting it on with another chick.

But right now I just love seeing her in tight jeans and these sexy boots with her plaid shirt open showing off her tiny little boobs….

I’ve known her a long time yet Ariel Rebel still has these small perky boobs. It’s amazing how she still looks so damn well. I don’t know if it’s because she’s Canadian or maybe it’s something she drinks up there… Or maybe it’s because she’s always on the road. OR maybe it’s because she just eats healthy. Either way I swear she must be at least thirty now but still looks like she just turned legal drinking age.

That’s the kind of chick you want to date – the kind that will always looks young no matter how old they get. No sense dating banging a chick for ten years only to have her look ten years older when you can bang a chick like Ariel Rebel and she still looks like she is ten years younger!

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