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Ariel Rebel Naked Outside

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Chicks are are willing to get naked outside are always fun. Chicks that get naked outside by the lake or on the beach are a lot more fun than most.

Ariel Rebel is one of those chicks. I’ve met Ariel Rebel and she is a lot of fun. She’s French too – Canadian really. It’s so strange talking to her and every now and then Ariel Rebel will spit something out in French. It’s very sexy. I always thought the British accent was hot and sexy, but a hot women like Ariel Rebel talking in French is a huge turn on too. Even more so when Ariel Rebel is naked.

Give Ariel Rebel some tequila and she’s more fun than you can handle!


Being as she lives in Canada, I bet you this photo taken up in the Great White North. (Yes, I went there.) I know Ariel Rebel travels around the world taking photos (great way to live a life really), but it looks like this photo was taken in Canada. It just LOOKS cold out in this photo. Of course there is Ariel Rebel, wearing no pants and most likely no panties. That’s our girl.

It looks cold outside, but Ariel Rebel makes it warm for us. She always does. It can be freezing outside but Ariel Rebel will keep us warm by the fireplace. Or maybe no fireplace is needed – Ariel Rebel can just wrap her little short legs around her head and ram our face in her tight little Canadian pussy. That would work too. We’ll do anything to keep warm when we are naked up in Canada and it’s cold outside.

We would all do anything to spend high quality bonding time with Ariel Rebel. Make no mistake about it, Ariel Rebel is by far our all time favorite Canadian girl ever!

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