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Ariel Rebel Naked By Pool

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What would we do without Ariel Rebel.

Sometimes Ariel Rebel is a bit too hip for me. I was rolling with a friend today, she’s nineteen, and she was wearing a little hat. I’m thinking to myself that it’s eighty degrees outside so why is she wearing a hat? A little beanie? What’s up with that. This chick I am talking about has long blonde hair, she’s super sexy… And she was hiding it under a silly hat.

Then again, I guess Ariel Rebel needs some props too huh? She’s been shooting a long time and she’s run out of ideas to shoot with too. She needs all of the props she can get.

I swear, after all of this time Ariel Rebel hasn’t aged a single day. It’s like she’s still twenty years old. I’ve known her for a long time so I know she is not twenty any more…. But damn, she’s oh so cute.

I love it when chicks like Ariel Rebel are so willing to get naked for us… Even more so when they’ve been doing it for years and haven’t aged a single day. What’s even hotter about this is Ariel Rebel has a little bit of a lesbian side to her… I mean, all chicks like other chicks, but Ariel Rebel takes it to the next level!

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