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Ariel Rebel Is So God Damn Hot

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Sigh. After all of this time Ariel Rebel is still smoking hot. Still. AND she still doesn’t have tits.

Now, I like chicks with big tits. This is a known fact. I like real women with real boobs. It’s all about the boobs. But I surely would never turn Ariel Rebel away. She might have small little breasts, but that’s still enough for me. I like ’em tall with big boobs, but sometimes short with no boobs is just as much fun. Ariel Rebel is almost like a little spinner. She can sit up on your lap and spin around while you are fucking her. She’s like a little spinner.

I never imagined the day I would see Ariel Rebel sucking cock, but sure enough there it is on the front page of her site… Ariel Rebel with a nice fat cock in her mouth. Yum. I’ve waited my entire life for this. It was worth the wait too!

Notice how quickly Ariel Rebel was to get undressed. I don’t see any pants or shorts or even any panties… I think this is like a little dress and Ariel Rebel just unbuttoned the top and pulled it up to show us her bare pussy. That’s our kind of girl. We would expect Ariel Rebel to do things like this. She just loves getting naked. And she loves getting naked outside too. That the kind of girl that you want to date and want to marry – a chick who gets off on getting naked outside and is quick to do so.

Yeah, Ariel Rebel is marriage material for sure.

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