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Ariel Rebel Is Smoking Hot In Black Lingerie

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Ariel Rebel has always been something a little bit special.  When she first started she was young and cute and full of boundless energy, and never seemed to say no. It was almost like anything you wanted to do, Ariel Rebel was willing to do it. Not in a crazy dangerous kind of way, but instead in a playful kind of cute way. Want her to pose named outside on a balcony? No problem, she’s up to the task. Want her to get naked out in the snow? She’ll do it for you.

Years later nothing has change with Ariel Rebel. She still looks like she’s nineteen years old. It’s amazing how great she looks years later. The best part is after all of this time she is doing more and more. She might have started off doing a lot of tease like photo shoots, but now I’ve seem some hardcore lesbian footage and pictures of her doing her best to swallow down some cock. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

Today Ariel Rebel is all dressed up in black lingerie – black bustier and black thigh high stockings and garters. Seriously, when was the last time your girlfriend dressed up in stockings and garters? It’s such a beautiful sight to see your women all dress up in lingerie like this knowing she is doing it for you and only you. This is something that doesn’t happen too often.

Ariel Rebel pulls this off nicely…. She’s got a tiny little tight body and small but perky boobs. Nice cute legs and a tight little ass. My favorite part about this picture of Ariel Rebel is that she has the perfect little landing strip hiding her pussy from us. I like a bare pussy myself, but seeing something like this is a huge turn on!

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