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Ariel Rebel Is Just Plain Smoking Hot

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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Although I am not sure how, Ariel Rebel has managed to not change a bit in the past fifteen years. It must be something they have in the water up there in the great white north (She’s Canadian). It must keep them young or something, because Ariel Rebel still looks like she’s nineteen years old. She always has. Women like Ariel Rebel who look like they are nineteen when they are really thirty will always look much younger than they really are for the next thirty years or so. I would imagine this makes Ariel Rebel very happy.

I also imagine this makes the guy that’s banging her very happy too.

Ariel Rebel might be Canadian but here is a little secret…. She’s been touring the US for the past year or so.  She needed someplace new to shoot so why not just go on a tour…. Although I guess that is not too much of a secret – I am sure someplace Ariel Rebel has a blog where she talks about her traveling.

Some times Ariel Rebel looks like a teen tease….

I also love it when my girlfriend is wearing nothing but her panties and a litle tiny top and gets up on her hands and knees like this. It looks like she is ready to be mounted. I know Ariel Rebel personally, although not too well, but I bet you she likes getting fucked from behind. Hard. And fast. I also bet you Ariel Rebel likes to ride on top of cock too. Hell, she’s tiny enough and short enough to be a spinner for sure!

I would let her ride up on top of me!

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