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Ariel Rebel Is All Grown Up

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I’ve known Ariel Rebel a long, long time. Her looks are misleading. She looks young but she is much older than you would think. No matter how many times I’ve seen her, and no matter how long I’ve known her, I still tend to think of her as a nineteen year old girl. So much has changed.

For perhaps the first time I think Ariel Rebel is looking her age. I am not sure how old she is, but she must be at least thirty these days.

Usually when she dresses up for photo shoots she’s wearing clothes that make her look like a college chick, or at most panties and a bra. But not today. Today she is all dressed up in sexy black high heels, black stockings, garters, and a black bustier. Ariel Rebel has never had much cleavage but she is doing everything she can to show it off.

My god I don’t believe Ariel Rebel has ever looked any sexier.

I am not sure about you but if I ever had a woman like Ariel Rebel dressing up like this purely for my entertainment I would consider myself the luckiest man in the world.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this photo (second favorite thing after those garters!) must be the fact that Ariel Rebel has a little landing strip for a pussy. I would lick that landing strip up and down all damn day long!

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