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Ariel Rebel Is A Lesbian

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Let’s get the month off to a proper start, shall we? Yes please.

Oh, I remember the day when Ariel Rebel reigned supreme. Everyone wanted a piece of her. Ariel Rebel was young, beautiful, tight, and oh too willing to get naked for us online. We already know what a dangerous combination this can be. I swear you fuckers are so lucky – any time you want to see a chick like Ariel Rebel naked all do you do is go on line. All we had when I was a kid was the JC Penney catalog. If that wasn’t bad enough, what most of the chicks were wearing those days were right out of the JC Penney catalog – white or grey, and very, very boring.

Now instead you fuckers go line and fap fap fap to all of the porn you could ever dream of. Case in point here is none other than Ariel Rebel and her sexy lesbian girlfriend. Hot. These two lesbians are super sexy and it looks like they are all over each other. I can just imagine Ariel Rebel going down on her lesbian girlfriend here…. Hot hot hot!

You know Ariel Rebel might have had her best days a long time ago, but I swear she hasn’t changed a damn bit. It’s like she’s gotten older but only more sexier, as if that is even remotely possible. I have no idea how Ariel Rebel does it but she is much hotter than she was ten years ago.

But her boobs haven’t changed a bit. Ariel Rebel still has the same exact small perky little tits you would expect to see from a first year college girl. And of course our Ariel Rebel is a little spinner too! But isn’t that exactly how we like all of our chicks? Tiny short little spinners! That’s what does it for us!

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