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Ariel Rebel In Sun Glasses

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I’ve been working in the adult industry for twenty-one years now and while I like seeing naked chicks, after a certain point I think being teased is a little bit more hot than seeing a chick naked. I am in an odd place where I spend a lot of free time wanting to bang these chicks, but yet at the same time I know most of them personally. Like Ariel Rebel here. I want to do very dirty things to her but at the very same time Ariel Rebel is a friend of mine I’ve known for some time now. I know her personally; I know about her future plans and how her life is working out. I like seeing pictures of her with her clothes on.

But still I want to bang Ariel Rebel. I mean, I want to fuck her up against a door or bang that tight little ass doggie style or have her sitting on top of me bouncing around like the little tight spinner Ariel Rebel is. I know you wish you could do all of those things with her too.

I’ve seen her naked and I’ve seen her clothed, and it doesn’t matter too much with Ariel Rebel… I’ll take her any which way I can get her.

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