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Ariel Rebel In Lingerie

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There are certain sites all men must see at least once in their time. You know, stuff like New York City or Blue Man Group. Hawaii, London Bridge, and the Eiffel Tower also comes to mind. Seeing a tiny little spinner in sexy matching lingerie should also be in that list. You know what I mean, a tiny little woman – so small you can place her on top of your dick and just spin her around. Spinners are always fun, and even more fun in bed – because you can toss them around and make them do what ever you want.

Ariel Rebel is a good spinner.

Seeing a spinner like Ariel Rebel in little tiny sexy lingerie is massive turn on. Seeing Ariel Rebel in matching lingerie like this makes morning wood seem insignificant. I mean, seeing Ariel Rebel in matching lingerie makes all of your problems in life seem insignificant.

Damn, Ariel Rebel is hot. Small perky tits.


Yes, Ariel Rebel is a little spinner all right. You can spin her around and make her do all kinds of things. And Ariel Rebel might just let you – but only if you like playing video games in an arcade. Seems every time I spend time with Ariel Rebel it always ends up in an arcade. No kidding.

Now imagine peeling off those panties with your fucking teeth. That would be just heavenly.

I think Ariel Rebel is as close to pure perfection as possible. Who knew that Canadians could be so fucking hot? And tan too. I thought most Canadian chicks would be “white” as in “not tan at all”. Maybe Ariel Rebel spends time in a tanning booth. Or maybe Ariel Rebel secretly spends most of her time touring the world in hot beach locations – California, Hawaii, the tropics.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine spending time with Ariel Rebel on the beach when it’s nice and warm out… That sounds so fucking nice right about now!

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