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Ariel Rebel In A Sexy Tiny Bikini

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I am a huge bikini fan. If there is two things I like the most, it’s boobs and bikinis. And also lesbians. My dream come true would be two hot chicks with huge boobs wearing bikinis making out. Yum.

I’ve often said the boobs make the bikini. I mean, what’s the point of wearing a bikini if you don’t have a decent rack? (I mean what’s the point of wearing a bikini if you don’t have a decent rack unless you are going swimming.) What’s a girl with small boobs to do?

I love Ariel Rebel. Always have, always did, always will. I might like big boobs, but I know you don’t always get what you want. In fact, you rarely do. I have a thing for Ariel Rebel because she’s pretty, tiny, and has huge amounts of personality. In some cases, as with Ariel Rebel, personality is bigger and better than boobs.

Then again, Ariel Rebel sure does look great in a bikini.

The last time I last saw Ariel Rebel was down in SoCal at a hotel in Hollywood at an adult convention. Usually solo girls don’t go to the adult conventions any more (the porn stars do AVN, however) but Ariel Rebel has been in the industry so long that she is so much more than a solo girl. She is a special part of our industry. Her photographer Max too.

The last time I saw her at this hotel, the hotel had a pool on the roof. Ariel Rebel couldn’t wait to get into her bikini and show everyone how hot she looks in a bikini!

Ariel Rebel might not have a great rack, but she still looks super hot in her little bikini. All she needs to pull this off is a sexy pair off high heels. With that kind of a get up no one would be able to say no to Ariel Rebel.

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