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Ariel Rebel Flashing Panties

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One you think just have to admit…. You have to love how playful these chicks are!

Don’t you miss that in your life? Have you ever been out on vacation with your girlfriend or wife and she’s looked at you with that dirty naughty little look that signals something great is about to go down? LOL. Has she ever taken you off the beaten path, sat up on a fence and spread her legs to show off her panties and expose a breast? We all carry cell phones with us at this point, which means we all carry cameras…. What would you do if this happened to you? I now I would instantly pull out my cell phone and start snatching photos. How could you pass up on a chance like this? Or maybe you are full of adventure and you would have sex with her…. I am a pornographer – I like taking pictures. Pictures are memories that last a lifetime.

I think Ariel Rebel is the playful type…. I can see her doing this! As soon as she gets the chance she wants to tease everyone with her panties or pull out a boob to surprise everyone….

The first time I met Ariel Rebel was in a hotel in Hollywood, California. You know the drill. (Maybe it was Beverly Hills.) You all know about AVN in Veges every year, but the truth is we have shows all around the world – dozens of them every year. Anyhow…. I met Ariel Rebel for the first time which was neat. We had talked on the phone many times before, done all kinds of business together… but we had never met. Anyhow, we met in this fancy hotel and a few hours later I was on a balcony over looking the lobby when I saw Ariel Rebel sitting in a corner all by herself. Her boyfriend (or photographer – Max?) was across the room. I watched as their eyes met, she smiled, and then Ariel Rebel hiked up her skirt and spread her legs. Now Max was smiling too. They were in a room of well over one hundred people, and there was Ariel Rebel in a corner hiking up her skirt and showing off her panties to her photographer and no noticed.

This is what I would expect from someone like Ariel Rebel!!!

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